Antonio Ayala

He grew up in the studio from a very young age. Surrounded by colors and the aroma of turpentine and varnishes.

His favorite toys were brushes, canvas, and palette…

Painting went from being just a game to becoming a job, his profession…

Born in a seven-generation family of artists, Antonio Ayala spent his childhood looking to have his place in the creative world, bringing his thoughts into reality in a tangible manner.

Our Mexican artist, originally from the small state of Tlaxcala, has dedicated his life to defending the study of ancient techniques, which has been an important part of his artistic path.

In Antonio Ayala’s life school there is an important place for research while manifesting his reality to this world. He achieves this by imitating the steps of the great masters, his pillars during his artistic career.

Not just a well-achieved impasto, not just the glazes giving the impression of brilliant tonal ranges, not just a well-executed technique. The handling of Antonio Ayala’s materials commits him to his journey through the History of Art. Influenced by Renaissance volumetrics and baroque chiaroscuro, creating in each of his works that critical space between concept and reality, his daydreams and the detail of his brush causes the viewer the need to analyze the work of art like those of Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Velázquez.

From his first pictorial exhibition at 15 years of age and his concern to show his work to the whole world, the Mexican artist began to gain followers and art exhibitions in different countries. After five years, he managed to get New York City exhibititors interested in his work.

He defines his art as a metaphorical message captured through aesthetic simplicity.

Currently, he represents realism in his work, no matter how rhetorical it may seem, but with a social impact that raises awareness and allows a debate between the character, his experience through a scenario called “life” and his constant evolution.

In his own life experience, he allows himself to give his work the necessary interpretation that he wants to share to sensitize, amaze and inspire love.